Construction Milestones

First there was Plywood, then OSB, then Engineered Lumber — Now there is VentBoard™ and DuctBoard™.

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Lower construction costs!

DuctBoard offers a tremendous potential for profits and savings to the manufacturer, distributor, retailer, builder and homeowner. Cost savings of $12,000 are projected when using DuctBoard on construction costs by reducing trusses or rafters. Save on structure, labor, ductwork and the electrical and plumbing trades.

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Reduces energy losses and improves indoor air quality. Uses scrap and waste lumber for spacers.

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DuctBoard provides air distribution and a very strong floor sheathing. Even at 48 inch spans, DuctBoard is many times stronger than equivalent plywood or OSB.

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Easy to manufacture!

The flooring panels cut, install and interlock in 4x8 sheets just like any floor sheathing. Panels can be made with regular sizes of Plywood or OSB and spacers from waste and scrap lumber. Manufacturing is easy with existing equipment and plants. Registers install conventionally.