High Profit Margin Opportunity

DucttBoard™ panels are easily constructed and utilized in the industry. They provide a significant savings and profit potential to the manufacturor, distributor, retail, builder and homeowner.   Savings are projected at $12,000 for an average home – equating to $146 per panel !

Provides HVAC Distribution and greatly improved Strength

DuctBoard™ has two air plenums for supply and return air while providing the strength to span 48 inches, eliminating significant structure and labor.

Versatile in Materials and Configuration

DuctBoard™ can be constructed from Plywood or OSB.  Each layer can be of varying thickness depending on application and strength requirements, although only 1/4 inch is required for most applications.   The sheets are separated by simply blocks. 


 A more complex matrix could be used as found in VentBoard™  shown below without it’s top sheet.

OSB VentBoard™ without top panel

Easy to manufacture in existing plants using existing machinery.

DuctBoard™ panels can be easily constructed in existing plants without special machinery or re-tooling.  Materials are commonly available plywood or OSB sheathing and spacer blocks from standard framing lumber.

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