This product is protected by three US Patents applications which are filed and pending.  A Provisional Patent was filed 9/9/2010.  (61,376,333).  

The first Patent application was filed 1/10/2011 and is Patent Number: 12/987,832.  A second Patent application (Continuation in Part) was filed 1/28/2011 and is 13/016,320.  A third Patent application (Continuation in Part) was filed 7/2/2012 and is 13/ 539,919.

The first Patent application makes 24 claims.  There are 25 figures.   The specification and figures are over 60 pages.  The second Patent application makes 20 claims and there are 32 figures.  It is also extensive and is 75 pages.  The third Patent application makes 20 claims and there are 17 figures and 50 pages.

There is now an International Patent Pending (PCT/US2011/048786).  Not only does this International Patent application extend protection for VentBoard™ and DuctBoard™, but also incorporates many new enhancements, improvements and additional features to the original invention.  In particular, it now includes manufactured / tooled / extruded elements of all configurations and construction for the matrix elements allowing ventilation rations of up to 1/50  as well as the strong and versitile DuctBoard™ floor sheating panel and air distribution system.

Both VentBoardand DuctBoard™ are pending federal trademarks.

The patent applications are very broad and extensive including many variations and various possible configurations, construction methods, applications and materials.  Breach, encroachment or contravention is highly unlikely. 

All details and claims are purposely NOT disclosed in this web site.  The intention of the web site is to convey the basic product and variations.