DuctBoard™ is a proprietary, patent pending sheathing panel for use on floors in both residential and commercial applications.  The product has incredible strength and also provides for superior air distribution by providing integral supply and return plenums.

DuctBoard™ is a panel composed of 3 sheets of Plywood or OSB separated by regularly spaced blocks.  The construction produces incredible strength even with 1/4 inch sheets while providing a supply and return plenum for the distribution of heated or cooled air in the house or building.




Use of the product results in significant construction cost savings over conventional construction:

  • $7,000 in ductwork
  • $3,000 in structure and labor  — the sheathing can span 48 inches with great stiffness
  • $2,000 on the plumbing and electrical trades because of easier installation without obstructions and less joists

$12,000 in total savings translates to $146 per panel in profit or savings potential !

DuctBoard™ is versatile:

  • The thicknesses of each sheet can vary depending on application, but 1/4 inch sheets perform well.
  • It can be made of either OSB or Plywood.
  • It can be insulated or coated.
  • It allows for superior air distribution – supply and return registers can be placed in each room and small rooms can be conditioned too because of easy installation such as half baths, laundry rooms, pantrys, etc.
  • It can easily span 48 inches with superior strenght and performance.
  • The pending patents include methods for providing for bearing edges, sealing edges, joining panels, plenum taps and methods to connect to a HVAC system.


  • Integral Air Distribution — Full HVAC access in every room for better performance and comfort
  • Superior Strength — up to 40 times the strength of equivalent sheathing – easily spans 48 inches !
  • Easy to Manufacture in conventional plants with conventional materials
  • Can be made with Plywood or OSB
  • Installs Conventionally
  • Reduces materials and labor for structure by spanning 48 inches
  • Recuces labor for electrical and plumbing by less obstructions – no ducts, less joists


DucBoard™ is a proprietary, innovative sheathing panel for roofs, siding and flooring.  There are three extensive patents filed: Patent Pending (12/987,832), Patent Pending 13/016,320 and Patent Pending 13/539,919.

All details and claims are purposely NOT disclosed in this web site.  The intention of the web site is to convey the basic product and variations.